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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

3 Ways To Improve Your Front Door For The Holidays

by Celina Simpson

Your front door can leave a good or bad impression on your guests when they arrive at your house for the holidays. If your door needs some improvement, learn how to fix minor repair issues and give your door a makeover so it will be a welcoming sight for your holiday guests.  

Squelch The Squeaks

If your guests will wonder if they're entering a haunted house when they open your front door, it's time that you squelch the squeaks. Door hinges can squeak due to rust and dirt buildup on the hinge pins. Read on to learn how you can use sandpaper and petroleum jelly to fix your noisy door.

  1. Remove one hinge pin at a time by grasping the top of the pin with a pair of needle nose pliers. If the pin seems stuck, place a long carpentry nail at the bottom of the pin and use a hammer to tap the pin up and out from between the hinge plates.
  2. After you have the pin removed, inspect it for rust spots and dirt. Rub a piece of sandpaper up and down on the pin to remove the dirt and rust. Use an old rag to wipe the sandpaper grit and debris off the pin.
  3. Place a small amount of petroleum jelly on your finger and apply it over the entire length of the hinge pin. After it's well lubricated, slip the pin back into the hinge and tap the top down with a hammer.
  4. Repeat this step with the remaining hinge pins on your front door.

After you've sanded, lubricated and placed all the pins back into your door, swing the door back and forth several times to work the petroleum jelly into the hinges.

Get Rid Of The Hang Ups

As your guests arrive at your door for the holidays bearing gifts and food, you don't want to be pulling and tugging on your door as you're trying to open it for them. When you door fails to open smoothly, it's often caused from loose hinge screws or humidity changes.

To determine if your door has loose hinge screws, grab a screwdriver and head to your front door. Place the screwdriver into the head of each screw and tighten all the loose screws.

Doors can stick at the top, sides or bottom due to the changes in humidity that cause expansion. Soften a white taper candle by rubbing it between your hands. Open and close your door while looking for the area that's hanging up.

Rub the candle over the areas of your door that are sticking. The candle wax coating on the edges of your door will allow it to easily open and close without sticking. White candle wax will appear clear on the edge of your door, so it won't be seen.

Give Your Door A Makeover

If your door looks dull and you want it to look cheerier for the season, add a coat of exterior latex paint. Both wood and steel exterior doors will aesthetically benefit from a new paint job. Paint also helps to protect the outside of your door from winter weather.

Paint your door when the temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above so that the paint will properly adhere to your door. Remove all the hardware from your door before beginning the project, so that you don't accidentally get paint on the metal.

While you have the hardware removed from your door, consider purchasing a new doorknob and doorknocker for a bigger front door makeover.

After fixing minor door issues and adding a fresh coat of paint, your front door will be ready for your holiday wreath and your guests. If you prefer, you can always purchase a new front door for your house by contacting a company that specializes in residential door services.