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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

4 Pruning Mistakes To Avoid

by Celina Simpson

If you have trees, you should know that you need to prune them in order to keep them healthy and strong. When you are pruning there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid in order to prune your trees successfully.

Removing Green Fronds

While, at times, it may be easy to be deceived by an abundance of fronds and think that extreme pruning is necessary, most of the time patience is the key to success. If you're removing fronds, search for lower fronds first and inspect for any dying or damaged fronds. Removing live green fronds does not make future pruning jobs easier, so there's no reason to make unnecessary removals in hopes of escaping future work. Do not by any means over prune and leave nothing but the top 2 or 3 fronds, as this does nothing to help the long-term health of the tree.

Chopping Off the Top of Your Tree

One of the worst mistakes you can make when you are pruning is to chop off the top of your tree. Topping, as it is commonly called, might make sense at first glance; you want the tree shorter, so you cut at the most logical place, right? Wrong. Once a tree gets its top chopped off it goes into a repair-like state. In this state it attempts to regrow itself in multiple places grows even more branches, which means more to prune later on down the line.

Since topping is counter-productive, instead focus on trimming lateral branches. Ideally, you want to maintain a single dominant trunk all through the center of the tree. If you perform top pruning even once it can sprout multiple leader tops to replace it, possibly threatening the composition of the tree, and making it more likely to be worse off in heavy winds or rainstorms.

Snipping the Tips of Your Tree's Branches

Remember, the common theme here is pruning in a way that will promote growth in the tree, and you have the same goal when you are pruning branches. By snipping just the tips of the branches, multiple new branches will begin to grow in its place. Multiple branches give your tree a heavier, bushier weight. While pruning the tips may make the branch shorter for a small amount of time, it increases the branches instability over time. As branches get heavier and heavier, they are more liable to break under their weight, or break when a little extra weight from something like snow is added.

 Avoiding Pruning All Together

It's easy to understand if you are a little sheepish about doing a major pruning job. In fact, it's rather common to be scared of making any severe cuts on a tree. However, correct pruning is extremely essential to a tree's prosperity. Pruning in the correct areas will promote new growth and allow the tree to flourish, highlight its natural color, and look livelier before. By never pruning, you risk leaving dead branches and old foliage on the tree that not only makes it look ugly, but can damage the tree by diverting nutrients, blocking the sun, and adding weight. In most cases, as long as you follow simple guidelines, it's very hard to hurt the tree long term.

If you feel uneasy pruning your trees, you have a large number of trees, or just don't want to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself, there are a number of qualified tree trimming companies that are well-trained in proper pruning techniques. These services can be hired monthly if needed. You may even learn how to properly prune from them, decreasing your fear.