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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Getting The Best Price On Your Heating Fuel - You Really Do Have Options

by Celina Simpson

Nearly everyone knows that insulating their home and turning down the thermostat saves money on their heating bill. What you may not realize is there are a host of ways to save money on the cost of heating oil before it ever reaches your tank. If you are looking to save money on your heating costs, go ahead and take care of those leaky windows and doors, but don't overlook these potential savings when purchasing your oil.

Compare Prices

Savvy shoppers always compare prices before making a purchase. Buying heating oil should not be an exception. The price varies between dealers and according to the season. Take the time to check out all the oil dealers who deliver to your home and compare their prices. You may be surprised to discover the number of small cash companies that deliver oil for considerably less than bigger companies. You'll want to check their reputation, of course, but you can sometimes experience notable savings by shopping around. These companies typically require you to call to arrange a delivery every time you need heating oil and expect cash on delivery, but the hassle may earn you savings you can be proud of.

Join a Fuel Co-op

If you aren't familiar with fuel co-ops, you aren't alone. Many people are not aware that these coops exist. Fuel co-ops consist of several fuel companies that agree to provide members with a discount on fuel purchases. Each fuel company sets their own discount programs, but co-op members pay less for the same service as nonmembers. Several contracts are available, including prepaid and yearly contracts. How much you will save through a fuel co-op depends on the amount of oil you burn in a year and the specific terms of each fuel company, but it is worth the time and effort to explore a fuel co-op to see if it serves your needs.

Fill Up Early

Take advantage of low prices in the summer and fill your fuel tank for the winter. Although this seems obvious, many overlook this cost-saving technique. Because the price of oil tends to increase with demand, getting it when demand is low typically earns you big savings. In most regions, heating oil prices are lowest in July and August.

What About Fuel Plans?

Many heating oil companies offer a variety of fuel plans. There are three common plans to consider.

  1.  Pay as you go: You will need to call the oil company every time you need oil delivered, but that means you can watch oil prices and fill up whenever prices are low. It also means you control how much oil you purchase at each delivery. You will, however, need to purchase the minimum amount set by the fuel company, typically 50 to 100 gallons.
  2. Fixed Price: If you prefer to know exactly what your fuel costs will be, and don't want to fuss with calling the fuel company when you run low, a fixed price plan may be for you. You will agree to paying a fixed amount per gallon of fuel oil and will be charged this amount whether the price of oil goes up or down. Oil is generally delivered on a regular schedule. Obviously, this is a great deal - if you expect prices to rise - but beware! When prices suddenly drop, you will continue to pay the agreed upon fixed price.
  3. Capped Price: Signing up for a capped price plan means you will never pay more than the capped price, even if the price of fuel goes through the roof. It also means that if the price goes down you will enjoy those savings too. Oil is typically delivered on an agreed upon schedule.

Other Discounts

Always ask your fuel company about any discounts they offer. These vary according to the fuel company. Some offer senior citizen, military or income-contingent discounts that are not widely advertised. 

For more information on where you can buy heating oil, go to this website.