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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Renting A Dumpster? 5 Must-Have Accessories To Make Dumpster Use Extremely Easy

by Celina Simpson

Whether you're cleaning your home or completing construction projects, a dumpster rental is easy for disposing a lot of different items. Dumpster rentals can be dropped off at any location on your property and make it extremely easy to dispose of items. When using a dumpster, things can be made even easier by adding a few accessories. These items will help protect privacy, put less workload on your body, and prevent extra hassles.

The following five accessories work with any type of dumpster rental.

Step Ladders

Dumpsters can range anywhere from 5 to 10 feet in height. This means that accessing the top of the dumpster is no small feat. When carrying bulky items, it may be hassle to extend your arms and reach over the top of a bin. This is where a step ladder comes in handy.

By placing a step ladder near the outside of the dumpster, you can easily climb up, dump items inside, and view how much space is left. Step ladders with the widest steps make it easier to control yourself as you climb up. As with any type of ladder, it's a good idea for someone to spot you and stabilize the ladder while you climb.

Compost Bin

While you clean out your home, a refrigerator or freezer is often an important step along the way. Instead of throwing food waste into a dumpster, the food can actually go back to the earth by using a compost bin. Place the compost bin next to the dumpster. When you bring out old food, it will be easy to separate the two. For example, if you have an old jar of pickles, all the pickles can be emptied into the compost bin while the jar is thrown into the dumpster.

This type of separation is especially important in states that are expanding mandatory compost use.

Paper Shredders

As you clean out home offices, desks, and closets, you will often have a lot of old documents that feature your personal information on them. Even when thrown into a dumpster, that sensitive data could become compromised. By using a paper shredder, you can ensure your personal information is properly deleted from the documents.

Typical office paper shredders can only handle so many documents at a time. By renting a larger industrial paper shredder, you have the ability to speed through document shredding and do not have to worry about things like staples or paper clips getting jammed. Just like the compost bin, the shredder can be placed near the dumpster for easy access.


A lot of moving companies offer dollies for rental. The rolling lift devices can help reduce a lot of strain on your legs, neck, and back while you move. Dollies are ideal for moving tables, chairs, and other types of furniture.

A dolly also works perfectly when you are carting boxes out of your home. Instead of just carrying one box at a time, a dolly has the ability to roll out three to four boxes at once. This will not only help with muscle strain, but it will cut down on the time it takes to clean out your home.

Do Not Dump List

Every dumpster has different regulations on what is not allowed to be dumped inside. When you rent a dumpster, the company will typically provide you with a do not dump list. Instead of ignoring the list or filing it away, it's a good idea to tape multiple copies to every side of the dumpster. This will give you easy reminders on what is actually allowed in the dumpster.

If you dump a prohibited item in the dumpster, you could be charged extra removal or clean-up fees. By posting the list, you will know exactly what is not allowed. When you have these items organized, you can find proper recycling centers to bring the extra items.

Obtaining these items before your dumpster arrives will make the process go as smooth as possible.