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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

4 Approaches For Giving Your Roof A "Facelift"

by Celina Simpson

If your home fails to stand out among the rows of similar dwellings stacked along your street, you're probably interested in adding some aesthetic appeal and uniqueness to it. But while you're looking at paint swatches, vinyl siding samples, state-of-the-art shutters, and that perfect species of grass for the lawn -- don't forget to revitalize your roof! Here are four ways you can give your roof a much-needed "facelift."

1. Owning the Coolest Roof on the Block

If you want a truly cool-looking roof, why not get one that cools you off as well? Cool roofs do exactly that. These rooftop materials are made of special coatings that reflect a high degree of infrared and ultraviolet energy from the sun -- energy that would otherwise penetrate your home and drive up your air conditioning bills. Roof contractors can attach sheets of bitumen coating, spray foam, or single-ply membrane right over the existing roof.

Rest assured that a home with a cool roof looks as cool as it feels. Cool roof materials are usually bright white, although they can also come in other very light colors. Their brightness and reflectivity creates a dazzlingly cheery effect when the sun is out, drawing all eyes to your home as if you'd thrown a spotlight on it.

2. Going Green (Literally)

Do you own a home with a flat or gently sloped roof? Do you also happen to have a green thumb? If so, then you can actually apply your love of nature and gardening toward creating a one-of-a kind green roof -- not "green" in the sense of energy efficiency (though that's a possibility too), but "green" in the most literal sense! A green roof may be either extensive (with only a few inches of turf supporting little plants) or intensive (with an entire mini-jungle growing in a thicker sod layer). You can imagine what an eye-grabber a living, growing rooftop would be to neighbors, visitors and passersby, especially if you take the time to cultivate it beautifully. Green roofs not only look good, but they also do good deeds such as:

  • Filtering and cleansing polluted storm water that would otherwise find its way to reservoirs, creeks and streams
  • Providing you with your own rooftop herb garden
  • Cooling your home naturally by blocking direct exposure to the sun's rays and drawing heat away via evaporation

Creating a green roof requires a lot more than dirt, seeds and fertilizer. Residential roofing contractors must determine whether your existing roof can support the extra weight of the turf and plants you plan to add. You must also consider the cost, which can start at $12 per square foot.

3. Exploring Different Materials

Asphalt is asphalt -- no matter how much money you choose to spend on "deluxe" shingles, chances are that your roof will still bear a shocking resemblance to every other roof on the block. Breaking away from the traditional look may mean trading in your old shingles for a new material entirely. Roofing companies can enhance your home with a variety of such materials, including:

  • Clay - Clay tiles tend to convey a sense of Old World elegance, as you well know if you've ever seen the effect of brilliant red clay tiles on a Spanish-style stucco house. White or light-colored tiles can also give you some of the benefits of a cool roof by bouncing the sun's rays away from your home, thus lowering your utility costs and increasing your family's comfort. Ask your roofers whether your roof's structure will support the heavy weight of the tiles.
  • Metal - The great thing about metal roofing is that you get it in a variety of shapes and styles, from clean, ribbed edifices to textures evoking organic materials. Metal can also accept different types of coatings, from a rainbow of paint colors to reflective ceramics. It's durable, recyclable -- and most of all, different.

4. Harnessing the Sun

Rooftop solar panels can substantially reduce your energy bills if you live in a sunny climate. These photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on your electric bills over time. What does that have to do with your roof's aesthetics? Stop and think about what owning a rooftop solar collector says about your priorities (not to mention your salary). A solar roof broadcasts your commitment to creating a smaller carbon footprint by using less "grid" power, thus doing your part to spare the environment. It also hints that you're sophisticated and intelligent enough to understand the basic technology behind solar power and alternative energy strategies.

Another point to consider is the fact that harnessing solar power no longer requires bulky full-sized rooftop collectors. Many of today's energy-efficient roofs feature solar shingles instead. These shingles are just small solar panels shaped to resemble traditional asphalt shingles and laid in rows to match the shingle arrangement on the rest of the roof. The distinctive cobalt-blue color makes the same kind of personal statement as the larger panels while adding an irresistible coolness factor to your roof.

Roofing companies love the chance to do something different, so don't be shy about sharing your ideas and questions with your roofing contractor. Put your home at center stage with a beautiful new or refinished roof!