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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Remodeling Your Master Bath? 4 Simple Solutions To Enhance The Size Of Your Master Bathroom

by Celina Simpson

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of periodic updates for your investment. From replacing worn shingles and installing new windows, the various options are overwhelming. Considering a bathroom remodel offers up to a 62 percent return, it is a great investment. Of course, you may think your master bathroom is too small to increase value and appeal. However, using these simple solutions, you can remodel your small master bathroom into an attractive, valuable, and functional space.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Many builders use large panes of mirrored glass over each bathroom vanity. While surprising to hear, these oversized pieces of mirrored glass do not make the bathroom appear larger. The overwhelming size can actually decrease the large, open feel of your master bathroom. During your remodel, consider removing the large piece of glass and adding a framed mirror over each sink.

A framed mirror over each sink adds a decorative element to your master bath. In addition, the two separate mirrors increase the wall space over your vanity, which leaves you more room for installing wall sconces for light.

Light Up the Darkness

Adding windows or skylights into your bathroom design is probably not financially feasible. However, quality lighting will make your master bath feel larger. Fortunately, well-placed light fixtures can alter the mood, appeal, and size of your small bathroom.

By removing the excessively large mirror, you will have sufficient space for task lighting around your vanity. Install fixtures on each side of your mirrors, but space them approximately 36 to 40 inches apart. In addition, ensure the light fixtures are at eye level. Using these tips, you can illuminate your master bath and reduce shadows on your face in the mirror.

Shower Showoff

A large, open, and airy shower may be on your wish list, but it can be an overwhelming part of your remodel. Plumbers will need to design, measure, and install your new shower stall, but you can be in on the process by choosing frameless glass shower doors.

Choosing a frameless glass shower during your small bath remodel offers the following benefits:

  • Open Space – Traditional shower stalls are bulky and unattractive. Your new frameless glass will lighten up your space and make your small bath appear larger and brighter.  
  • Easy to Clean – Designed without any tracks, cracks, or crevices, frameless glass showers are easy to clean.
  • Sanitized – Due to the ease of cleaning, you can rest easy in knowing your shower is free of dirt, soap scum, bacteria, and even mold.
  • Increased Appeal – The modern design is appealing and will be attractive for many years to come.
  • Increased Value – Potential buyers will desire the modern appeal of a frameless glass shower, so its addition will increase your home's overall value.

Color Inside the Lines

Color plays a large role in your home's design, but it is important to choose options within the "cooler" lines for your small master bathroom. Cooler shades will change your small, dark bathroom into a bright, airy, and relaxing space.

Light shades of blue, green, and gray are ideal. Using these pastel-type shades add hints of color without overwhelming the space. They are easy to style around and naturally create a calming effect.  The subtle shades of blue, green, and gray are excellent options if you desire a spa-like feel for your master bath.

Since they are lighter colors, neutral shades are also smart options for your small bath. Of course, neutral does not only mean white. Opt for tan, beige, or eggshell for a modern, clean, and bright bathroom.

Remodeling your small master bath does not need to involve moving and adding walls. With these simple solutions, you can easily enhance the size of your master bath.