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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

6 Problems That Warrant Sewer Repair or Replacement

by Celina Simpson

Problems within your sewer can be a major issue for your home's upkeep. Within the world of expensive house repairs, sewer repair or replacement ranks among the most expensive and difficult tasks to perform. As such, it is is important to keep yourself abreast of how your sewer is operating. Below are 6 problems that warrant a sewer repair or replacement.

Offset Pipes

Offset pipes are a problem that can deeply effect your sewer system. They are usually caused by roots butting up against your piping system and creating a condition that offsets the joints of pipes, causing them to no longer be adequately connected to one another. Offset pipes can cause sewage leakage, which can cause a litany of unfortunate events to happen to your lawn, including a putrid smell, the erosion and destruction of soil and lawn, and an unlivable home situation.

Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can occur for a number of reason, but the primary reason for blocked pipes is due to unclean conditions within your bathroom and kitchen. Remember that your pipes are much like any other part of your house and they demand to be cleaned just as the rest of your home does. As such, it is recommended that you clean your pipes at least twice a month. It is recommended this clean is a "dry" clean and not a cleaning solution containing chemical compounds.

Corroded Pipes

Corroded pipes are generally the provenance of an old, copper piping system. These older systems tend to corrode much more easily than their more modern counterparts, creating conditions wherein water may come out of your faucet with a brownish tinge and even a foul smelling odor may permeate it. Corroded pipes are usually a sign that you need to upgrade your copper piping their more modern brethren and luckily it is not indicative of a complete sewer failure.


A belly in a sewage line is essentially a sag in the line. The sewage line should run upward from your home's plumbing into the septic tank. A belly occurs when this sewage line shifts downward. If you discover a belly or a sag in your sewage line, it is important to have this corrected as soon as possible. If left untreated, a belly will create a condition where water will leak out of the sewage line and become stagnant in your lawn, and the waste will rise to the top of the lawn. If left untreated, a belly could severely damage the integrity of your entire sewage system.

Leaking Joints

Luckily, leaking joints are a much less severe problem than the other items listed in this brief article. This is not to say that they should be ignored, however. Leaking joints can create conditions in sewage lines that lead to stagnant water and waste collection in the soil. Consider them like a lesser version of a belly. They should be eyed and repaired as soon as possible, but you won't have to replace your sewer system because of such a thing.

Tree Roots Overtaking Pipes

Tree roots overtaking pipes is a relatively common but deeply serious issue when it comes to your sewer system. When tree roots grow into the areas that inhabit pipes, they can cause serious damage by knocking pipes out of their proper lineage and can cause them to spill sewage deep within your soil. Tree root maintenance is imperative if you wish for them to not cause damage to your sewer pipes.

There are many problems that warrant sewage repair or replacement. You can read more here for additional tips or gain assistance to remedy these issues.