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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

2 Things That Construction Fencing Could Do For You

by Celina Simpson

If you manage a construction zone, you might be more focused on completing your project than you are about the fence surrounding your site. However, ignoring that simple chain link barrier might mean a few missed opportunities. Here are two things that construction fence could do for you, and which products can help:

1: Advertise Your Project

That empty chain link fence might keep pedestrians from wandering around your dangerous worksite, but will it might not keep people from shouting questions to workers who should be focused on their duties. People like to know what types of buildings and businesses are coming to their area, which is why your workers might find themselves chatting with the public and giving rough estimates about completion dates.

However, you might be able to use your fence to advertise key information about your project. By installing easy-to-use sign brackets on your construction fence, you can hang signs that the public might love. Here are a few ways you can use construction fence signage:

  • Explain the Project: Construction fence signs can be used to talk about potential opening dates, building purposes, and even company values. For example, if you are building a new grocery store, your client could use fence signage to talk about organic produce or their commitment to customer service.
  • Show Off the Finished Product: Use your fence to display a large image of project renderings, so that the community knows what to expect. When people can see what the end product will look like, they might be less concerned about construction noise, new skylines, and altered traffic.  
  • Advertise Upcoming Sales: Your client doesn't have to wait until the building is finished to boost community interest in their business. Construction fencing can be used to show off upcoming specials or new products so that customers get excited about opening day.
  • Show Important Documents: Construction sites can drum up pollution that can get into the storm water supply, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency requires contractors to develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and post documents on site—or risk fines that can run upwards of $32,500 per day. Fortunately, sign brackets can be used to post documents in conspicuous places so that the EPA can find them easily.  

When you post signage, make sure that it is visible to the public. To choose a location, drive by your worksite to see where signs would be most impactful. It might seem like a hassle, but a few signs could help you to keep the public informed.

2: Improve Privacy 

Sometimes, it isn't always in your best interest to show the world what you are working on. If you are in the middle of constructing a proprietary security system or a building vault, you might need to keep your project under wraps. Fortunately, privacy netting can help you to keep your client's secrets safe.

Privacy netting is a thick, dark fabric that contains metal rivets along the top and the bottom. By simply strapping the fabric to your chain link construction fence, you can keep curious pedestrians from peeping on your project. Privacy netting even comes in a wide range of opacity levels, so that you can control how much people can see. Since some parts of the world are windier than others, privacy netting also carries a burst strength rating, so that you can keep fabric from ripping in the wind.

In addition to keeping your construction site private, netting can also keep dust clouds from wandering onto nearby walkways or retail areas. For example, if you are working in a busy part of town, that netting might keep people walking to work clean when debris is moved around.