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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

2 Activities To Help You Be A Better Landlord To Your Tenants

by Celina Simpson

When you are a property owner and landlord, there are certain responsibilities you should take care of for your tenants. To help you find and keep good tenants, it is important to provide a clean and safe property for your them to live in. Here are two activities that can help you be a good landlord.

Change the Locks

When a tenant moves out of your rental property, you should always change all the property's locks, including locks to any garage and tool shed. Research indicates that 30 percent or less of landlords change the locks on a property when their tenant vacates the unit. Not every state has a law requiring you as the landlord to change the locks, but some do. For example, the state of Illinois recently added a law in 2012 requiring landlords to change the locks on their properties when a tenancy ends in most situations. Exclusions of this law are with owner occupied properties of four or fewer units and rooms rented in a private home. 

Prospective tenants can ask you if you change the locks when a tenancy ends to help them make a decision to rent from you. Changing the locks out after each tenancy shows prospective tenants you are a responsible and proactive landlord. Changing out the locks on your property will also provide your tenant with extra security knowing there won't be a stranger in possession of a spare key to their house. You never know who an old tenant gave a key to or if they ever lost a key. 

When you change the locks on your rental property, you don't need to put in extra effort of switching out all the door locks and doorknobs. A locksmith can come right to your rental property and rekey each lock to the same key by pulling out the lock cylinder and changing the configuration of the tumbler. You and your tenant will only have one key for the entire home. This can also help save you money by not having to buy new hardware for your rental property's doors each time a tenant moves out.

Visit a site like http://www.andersonlockandsafe.com for more information. 

Hire Pest Control

Your tenants would probably like to live in a clean home, especially one free of pests, as pests bring in diseases and other health problems. So, if you provide your tenant a periodic pest control service, you will also be helping yourself. This will help you keep your property free of any pest problems that can escalate while your tenant lives in your property. It is easier to prevent pests from making a home in your property than to exterminate large populations of mice, cockroaches, fleas, and other pests. Not including the cost to your tenant's health, the cost to exterminate a cockroach infestation from a home can cost up to $400, depending upon the severity.

Rats and mice can multiply quickly once they're living inside your tenant's home. Their droppings can cause an allergic reaction in some and also carry a risk of Hantavirus. Rodents also carry bacteria, such as salmonella in and on their bodies to contaminate kitchen surfaces and any food they come in contact with inside your tenant's home. They can also chew at the insulation and wall materials, including wiring, which can create a fire hazard. 

Cockroaches molt their skin regularly, which will turn to dust, become airborne, and cause your tenant asthma and allergies if they have respiratory issues. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that every one in five children in the United States have severe sensitives to cockroach allergens, which increases the severity of their asthma symptoms. Cockroaches can also spread diseases in your tenant's home and contaminate their food with the E coli and salmonella they carry on their bodies.    

Take care of your rental properties and your tenants with these two tips to be a better landlord.