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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Remember The Futuristic Gadgets In 80s Movies? 3 That Are Available Now For Your Home

by Celina Simpson

During the 80s, many movies based on the future featured cool gadgets that seemed completely out-of-reach with the technology available at the time. While you may not yet be able to walk into your local car dealership and purchase a flying car to help get you to work or your child's soccer practice more quickly, many of the gadgets your favorite characters used in their homes are now available and even better than imagined at the time. Whether you love gadgets or not, many of them simply make life easier, keep your family safer, and reduce your energy bills. Here are three features available in home automation systems today that were once only a futuristic dream. 

1. Push-button Control Home Lighting

The 80s dream was to have a remote that controlled the lighting in your home, so you never had to get off the couch to turn down those lights when a great movie came on television or you wanted to turn on the front porch light when waiting for a guest. Now, you cannot only control all of your home lighting with a touch pad when you are inside your home, but you can turn lights on and off with your smartphone when far away from home. 

Controlling your lights from your smartphone from inside your home can make your life easier in many ways. You can turn on your bright bedroom light before you get out of bed in the morning to help you wake up, and you can turn on those basement lights when you are in another room busy with work when your children want to play downstairs, but are too afraid to enter the dark basement. 

When you are away from home, you can turn off that light you may have forgotten to keep your energy bills low. When on vacation, you can ward off intruders by triggering lights here and there to make it appear as if someone is in the home and your home is not vacant and an easy target for break-ins. 

Controlling your home lighting when on a vacation thousands of miles away was not even imaginable to feature in an 80s movie, since it was long before smartphones with internet connections were even dreamed of. You can even use the voice command feature you may have on your smartphone to simply speak the commands to control your lighting. 

2. Home Shades That Open and Close on Their Own

Movies in the 80s based on the future often also showed characters opening and closing their home shades with a touch of a button. Not only can you do that now when you have the right home control system, but you can even program them to open and close at specific times every day, so you don't even have to think about them. Can you imagine the children's face when their window blinds begin opening and letting the sunshine in at 8 am sharp every morning with you nowhere in sight?

If you have a large home, you can stop that evening tour around the home closing all of the shades to prevent neighbors and potential intruders from having a clear view inside your windows after dark. They can be automatically set to close when the sun sets, so you can more easily protect your family's privacy and keep them safe by warding off peeping toms looking for their next targets. 

3. Lights That "Think" on Their Own

If you love movies based on robots with artificial intelligence, then you may fear that computerized robots will one day take over the world. While only time will tell if that every truly happens, you can take advantage of this technology with home lights that seem to "think" for themselves. While you may think that it is amazing that lighting can be controlled from across the country with your smartphone, you don't even have to think about your lights or deal with any settings with home lights that automatically adjust themselves by becoming dimmer or brighter based on how much natural light is entering your home. 

While outdoor light fluctuates during the day, you may not feel like dimming and brightening your lights continually to accommodate those changes. Now, along with motion-triggered lights, home lights can be triggered to dim and brighten, taking cues from how much natural light is already shining through your windows. This is not only great for convenience reasons, but it can also help reduce your energy bills dramatically. 

Not only is all of this technology available for you to use in and out of your home today, but you can also often obtain all of these life-changing features at once with the installation of a home automation system. Many don't require any extensive re-wiring of your home, but instead just a few tweaks to your existing home wiring. Since all of these features can lead to huge energy savings in your home, part of the cost of your home automation system is likely to be tax deductible based on the current federal tax credits for consumer energy efficiency.

Talk with local electricians, such as Excel Electric Inc, for more information about installing a home automation system.