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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

5 Outdoor Uses For A Tankless Water Heater

by Celina Simpson

Tankless water heaters can be a great indoor option if you do not have room for a large traditional water heater or you want a continuous flow of hot water. However, did you also know that they are great for outdoor use? Here are five reasons you might want an outdoor tankless water heater.

Garden Shower or Bath

Outdoor showers are becoming a popular choice in the United States, with several convenient uses such as providing you a space to clean off after a jog or relax on a hot summer evening. However, a shower that utilizes solely cold water can only be used during the hottest months of the year without causing you to feel cold and shivery. If you install a small tankless water heater, such as a 2.6 GPM heater, in your outdoor shower, you will be able to utilize it comfortably for many more months and for early morning showers on cooler days. 

If you do not have room for a bath in your indoor bathroom, you might consider installing a bath outside in your garden. While a small tankless water heater could fill a bathtub, it might take quite some time. For this reason, you might consider a tankless water heater with a better flow rate, such as a 4 GPM heater. 

Hot Tub or Pool Rinsing Station

Installing a rinsing station directly next to your pool or hot tub encourages your family and your guest to rinse off before entering the tub and after exiting it. This is important because Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (Aurigenosa) can grow in hot tubs if people use the hot tub without showering. It commonly feeds on lotion and oils from the skin that can quickly and efficiently be rinsed off before entering the tub. This bacteria can cause hot tub rash, which can be unsightly and uncomfortable. 

Having a shower right next to your hot tub will make it so guests do not have to go through your home to rinse off before entering the hot tub, and having the shower at a comfortable temperature with a tankless water heater will make it more pleasurable to use. 

For this type of application, a small or medium sized tankless water heater will provide sufficient warm water for a low-flow rinse. 

Summer Kitchen 

A summer kitchen is a great place to clean and grill fish or to can fruits and vegetables without making the inside of your home too hot or smelly during the summer months. If you have a summer kitchen, you may want a small tankless water heater near your outdoor sink to provide warm water for rinsing and washing items. One of the smallest tankless water heaters, around 1.2 GPM, should be sufficient for this use.  

Hand and Feet Washing Station 

Perhaps you do not want to install an entire shower area outdoors. However, if you regularly garden or if you have children who like to play outside, you may want to install a hand and feet washing station near your door. This allows you and your family to clean up after being outside without tracking dirt through the home. It also provides a good place to rinse off muddy shoes. 

Again, for this application you would only need minimally warm water, so a small tankless water heater would be sufficient. 

Vehicle and Tool Maintenance 

Warm water helps break down dirt and grime on your vehicle better than cold water. It also keeps your hands warm if you are washing your vehicle during the colder months. Having a medium-sized tankless water heater installed at the spigot you use for washing your vehicle can give you the correct water temperature for efficient washing without having to carry buckets from inside your home.