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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Protecting Your New Restaurant From Fire Damage

by Celina Simpson

If you have recently purchased a restaurant that you intend on running, then you should understand that the establishment may be at risk of starting on fire. Between the years of 2011 and 2013, there were over 5,000 restaurant fires in the United States. These fires caused over $100 million in damages. It is wise to implement fire control, prevention, and suppression strategies. Some of the following tips can help with this.

Install A Fire Suppression System

The best way to keep your restaurant from becoming damaged in a fire is to make sure that a proper fire suppression system is installed. An automatic system for the kitchen area is best. This type of system will control and suppress a fire without any interaction from you or the kitchen staff. The best system for a kitchen is a wet chemical one that releases potassium carbonate on fires that may contain grease. The system will release an aerosol mixture containing the chemical to extinguish kitchen fires. 

While your fire suppression system can be installed across the ceiling of the restaurant kitchen, you can also have it placed in the exhaust hoods that line the stoves and ovens. The system will then be activated if heat coming from the equipment reaches an unsafe level. While the suppression system may be more expensive to implement due to the precise location of the chemical aerosol sprayers, it can reduce damage significantly by extinguishing fires directly at the source. 

If you are serious about keeping fire damage contained, then make sure that a fire alarm monitoring system is also secured in the kitchen. This system will alert the local fire department if the suppression system is activated. Fire trucks can then be dispatched directly to your restaurant if a fire does break out. The monitoring system can be connected directly to your telephone line or a cellular network. The monitoring system can be attached directly to a manual activation alarm as well. 

Secure Fire Retardant Materials

If you want to reduce restaurant fire damage, then you should make sure that you have fire retardant materials installed in the kitchen area. Placing stainless steel shields or heat reflector plates along the walls near your cooking equipment is a good idea to keep heat and grease from catching flammable wall materials on fire. You also should make sure the walls themselves are constructed out of fire retardant gypsum. The drywall material is often called type X and it contains additives that keep the paper from combusting. The additive causes the gypsum paper to burn slowly so the drywall resists a fire for at least an hour. Stucco and concrete materials are naturally fire resistant as well, and they can be successfully used to make up the walls of your restaurant kitchen.

Safety flooring materials should also be installed that are both slip and fire resistant. Many flooring materials for kitchen applications are made out of PVC. PVC is a plastic material that is naturally fire resistant. PVC also helps to keep kitchen fires from spreading, because it releases very little heat when the material comes into contact with fire. If the material does burn, it creates a thermal barrier that can keep undamaged areas of the kitchen from burning.

If you want to start running your own restaurant, then you need to protect your investment by opting for the best fire suppression system. Adding fire retardant materials to the space can help to keep fire damage at bay as well. Fire suppression and fire retardant systems are best installed by professionals, so make arrangements with an expert when you want your restaurant equipped.