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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

7 Reasons To Opt For An Aluminum Garage Door

by Celina Simpson

If you are building a new garage or replacing your old garage door, you'll need to select the right material. While steel and wood are popular garage door materials, aluminum has become the new trend for modern homes. There are several good reasons for choosing an aluminum garage door. If you need convincing, consider the following:

1. Aluminum Garage Doors Are Among the Easiest to Install

Steel and wood garage doors can be quite heavy, making the task of installation challenging, especially for a one person job. The lightweight material of aluminum, however, makes this material a good choice for the do-it-yourself handyman. Even if you pay an hourly installation fee to a contractor, you may save money because it typically takes less time to install an aluminum garage door.

2. The Mechanism May Last Longer

Because an aluminum garage door is lighter than many other materials, the mechanism will be subject to less stress. Garage door openings and closings will not cause a lot of wear and tear as a heavier material tends to do. This could mean less money on future repairs, as the mechanism may last longer.

3. Aluminum Garage Doors Are Resistant to Rust and Salt Air

Do you live near a coastal region? Does your climate tend to be humid, or do you receive a lot of rain or snow during the year? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, consider installing aluminum garage doors. Unlike wood and steel, aluminum will resist corrosion, especially due to salt water from coastal regions. In addition, many models are constructed with tongue and groove section joints, which act as a blockade to protect against moisture, a major cause of corrosion. For further protection, ask for a bottom weather seal on your aluminum garage door.

4. Aluminum Is Good For the Environment

This environmentally friendly choice is completely recyclable. If you need to replace the garage door at a future time, recycle it and avoid polluting the landfills.

5. Emboss, Anodize or Powder Coated Paint – the Choice Is Yours

Whether you prefer an intricately embossed garage door or a painted finish, you have various options with aluminum. Anodic oxide makes your aluminum door decorative, yet highly durable and rust-resistant. Even better, the anodized finishes are available in many color choices to complement existing outdoor decor and building structures. Some of the popular choices are clear, copper, bronze and black.

If you prefer a more traditional appearance, you might opt for a powder coated paint finish. Powder coating provides a tough "skin", to help prevent chipping, peeling and rust. There are many possibilities for a full spectrum of colors as well. Choose from primary colors, brights or even pastels. Many manufacturers or contractors offer custom ordering as well.

6. Aluminum Garage Doors Add Contemporary Elegance to a Modern Home

If you own a modern style home, you will want your garage door to offer sleek lines and sophistication. Many aluminum garage doors offer that clean elegance, in a hand crafted fashion. For even more modern aesthetics, many homeowners choose the aluminum frame garage doors that incorporate glass panels. The glass panels may be transparent, opaque or tinted. You might add tempered glass or insulated tempered glass panels to the aluminum frame.

7. Aluminum is Often the Most Affordable Choice

Last but not least, if you are budget conscious, you will want to consider aluminum as the material of choice for your garage door. Typically, aluminum is less costly than steel and many types of wood garage doors. On average, aluminum garage doors range in price from $838-$1,359. The reason it is so affordable is due to the abundant supply and availability of this metal. Look for aluminum garage doors at your local home improvement center or request one from a contractor.

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