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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Looking For Cost Effective Ways To Update Your Home Before Selling? These Creative Interior Painting Tips Can Help

by Celina Simpson

Taking time to thoroughly freshen and update a home's interior before listing it is an excellent strategy for attracting maximum buyer interest and receiving better purchase offers. But sellers often neglect to take this important step because of fears about incurring excessive bills from remodeling contractors who want to rip out walls, raise ceilings, or enlarge windows. Invasive improvements of this nature are likely to take a significant amount of time and money to complete, and there is no guarantee that the cost of doing them will be recouped when the home is sold. If you are a seller who would like to find a less invasive, more budget-friendly way to accomplish necessary updates and freshen the interior of your home before listing it for sale, the following creative interior painting techniques may be exactly what you need. 

Creating the impression of more natural light 

Soft, radiant, natural light in the home can improve the look of the space as well as improve the mood of the people who live there. Although small windows can affect the amount of this light that enters the home, homeowners can still maximize the effect of the natural light through the use of paint. To do this in your home, start by removing draperies and heavy window coverings and opt instead for sheer panels or blinds that will offer a bit of privacy without obstructing the natural light. 

To pull natural light further into the room, choose a light, slightly reflective paint color, such as a creamy yellow, ivory, or off white and use it to paint walls, window frames, and trim to allow incoming light to continue throughout the space. Add a few tasteful mirrors to reflect the light and enjoy a fresher, more inviting space.

Making ceilings feel higher

Another way to use interior paint creatively is to use it to make rooms with low ceilings feel more vertically spacious. Although there are several ways to accomplish this, two of the easiest are to: 

  • remove any crown molding or trim and instead, bring ceiling colors at least four inches down onto the walls, using a new piece of molding or a narrow band of contrasting color to separate it from the wall color to capture the eye and draw it upward
  • if a more monochromatic color scheme is preferred, painting the ceiling and the walls in a fresh, slightly reflective shade of bright white can also draw the eye upward and create the impression of added height and space

Helping small or oddly shaped rooms feel larger and more attractive

If your home is an older one, it may have one or more rooms that feel awkward due to past remodeling or changes in the structure. Making these rooms feel larger without resorting to more expensive and invasive methods, such as ripping out walls, can be also be accomplished by the creative use and skillful application of high-quality interior paint. 

A good way to do this is to choose one wall in the room and use paint to make it an effective, interesting focal point capable of drawing a viewer's eye toward it and away from those walls that have an irregular or awkward shape. If the room you are transforming is small in size, avoid using faux painting techniques or busy patterns and instead stick with a simple but attractive bold color for the accent wall, and use a pleasantly contrasting lighter shade for the remaining walls. Ceiling colors work best in this situation when painted white or a slightly lighter shade of the color used on the awkward walls. 

Fresh paint, especially when it is creatively chosen and skillfully applied, can be a very cost effective way to make homes with issues look more appealing to prospective buyers. For even more good ideas for using paint to improve your home, take time to discuss your needs with a an interior painting service like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc before listing your home for sale. Your buyer and your bank account will thank you!