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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Installer Instead of Taking a DIY Approach

by Celina Simpson

If you're thinking about getting new carpet in one of the rooms of your home and you're generally a do-it-yourself type of person, you might be considering tackling this project on your own. After all, you might reason, all you'll need to do is get the carpet measured to fit the room and mount it to the tack strips below. While installing carpet might seem easy, this job is definitely something that is best left for the trained professional. If you attempt to install your own carpet, there's a high probability that the end result will leave a little to be desired. Here are some reasons to hire a professional carpet installer.

The Job Requires Specialized Tools

It's a virtual certainty that you don't have the proper tools to install your own carpet. Completing this job relies on the use of a rugged tool called a knee kicker. Although you could technically rent this tool from a tool rental center, you'd also need to gather a handful of other tools, including a hammer, various cutting tools, and other devices that are needed to complete the job correctly. When you evaluate the expense of renting each of these tools, it makes more sense to consider a professional carpet installation.

It's Hard to Get Proper Results

An amateur will often lack the skills and experience to complete this job satisfactorily. Proper installation of a carpet relies on your ability to thoroughly stretch the carpet to the edges of the room, where it will be held in place by the spike strips attached to the floor below. If the carpet isn't stretched adequately, it will have pleats or other uneven areas in it, which could pose a tripping hazard underfoot. At the very least, such issues are an eyesore and won't leave you satisfied with how the carpet looks.

The Job Is Physically Demanding

Operating the knee kicker essentially requires you to kneel behind it and slam your knee into it. Professional carpet installers know the right techniques to complete this step safely, but you may end up hurting yourself — especially given the fact that you need to hit the device with your knee countless times as you install the carpet. Additionally, you'll spend the majority of the installation time on your knees, which can be uncomfortable on your knees and may also lead to back pain. It's better to have a professional save you the discomfort.