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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

A Few Different Custom Countertops

by Celina Simpson

There are a few aspects in a home that can really make a big difference in the feel, comfort, and overall look in a home. Cabinets, paint, flooring, and countertops are some of the most noticed things in a home. Improving just a one of these aspects of the home can give your home an entirely new look and feel. This article is going to talk about the different types of countertops and what you need to know about a few of the different materials that are commonly used for countertops. 


One of the most commonly used materials for a countertop is granite. This is a type of rock that forms from molten lava and has time to crystalize in the subsurface of the earth. The fact that it has time to crystalize allows the different minerals to nucleate and form larger crystals. That is why you can see different colors. Each color is a different mineral. Granite comes in all sorts of different colors. Granite is known as a very tough and resistant countertop. This is true, the countertop is very tough and hard. However, there are a lot of different pores that can be found in granite. The open spaces in the granite are a great place for different things to get into the countertop. For this reason granite needs to be sealed after installation. Keep your granite countertops as clean as possible and try not to allow water or other liquids to sit on the countertop for extended periods of time.


One of the most fun types of countertop that you can find is limestone. Limestone is deposited in shallow marine settings, and so it is very common to find a very robust group of fossils in the rock. Some of the most common fossils that can be found are corals, snails, crinoids, and sponges. Just like granite, limestone is naturally very porous. For this reason you will also need to seal your limestone countertop.


Many people do not think to use concrete for their custom countertops, but it is a fantastic material to use for a countertop. Concrete can actually look better the older it gets, and is extremely durable. Something that makes concrete appealing for many people is that it can be customized. A good craftsman can put an edge design or even stamp the countertop to create any design that you want.