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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Two Reasons Water Is Flooding Your Basement

by Celina Simpson

It's normal to have a little bit of condensation or water appear in your basement every once in awhile. However, if water puddles are consistently appearing in your basement or the area is outright flooding even when it's not raining, that typically means something serious has broken or gone wrong. Here are two things that may be causing water to flood into your basement.

Poor Land Grading

Before erecting the house, the construction team will typically grade the land to ensure the surface is level enough to support building structures and prevent environmental issues such as pooling water. The problem is that if the land is not graded properly, this could cause water to roll towards your home—and into your basement—instead of being diverted away when it rains or when the water tables on your land rises. Sometimes the land will have been sloped properly, but subsequent ground shifting and settling causes the area to become uneven, leading to poor drainage as well.

In this situation, it's best to have a contractor with experience in land grading come out and inspect your property to determine if the way it's sloped is the cause of the problem. If so, you can fix the issue in a couple of ways. One option is to have the land graded again to fix the drainage issue, which can cost $50 to $150 per hour for the operator and equipment. If you have the skills, you can rent the equipment and grade the land yourself.

The other option is to have additional drainage installed around the perimeter of your home to divert the water away from the basement. This may involve digging up the area around your house and putting in piping or sheeting that captures water and drains it to another area of the property. This can cost several thousand dollars but may offer a more permanent solution to the problem.

Damaged Foundation

Another, and more common, reason your basement is flooding is because the foundation is damaged. The damage can occur for any number of reasons, both natural and man-made. The ground surrounding the foundation continuously exerts pressure on the structure. Additionally, when it rains or snows, water may be pooling around the foundation, which gradually wears away the material over time. Houses typically settle as the ground shifts underneath it, and cracks may form in the walls if it moves too much.

You can typically tell this is the problem if you have cracks in your walls, though they may be too small to see. If water is consistently showing up in the same place in your basement, you can be sure the wall is damaged in that area.

This can be an easy or difficult fix, depending on the severity of the damage. Sometimes simply coating the walls in waterproofing paint or sealant is enough to keep the water out. You can have this done by a professional. However, you can also find waterproofing supplies in your local home improvement store and do it yourself. More severe damage may require you to have the foundation rebuilt altogether.

It's important to have the contractor inspect where the water is coming from and fix that problem too to prevent a repeat. For instance, sometimes the downspouts drain too close to the house, causing water to pool around the foundation. Extending the downspouts so they drain a little further away can stop this from occurring and protect your basement from flooding in the future.

There are many other things that may be causing your basement to flood. For more information about this issue or assistance with diagnosing and fixing the problem, contact a flood prevention service company.