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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Is Removing A Tree Stump From Your Yard Important?

by Celina Simpson

Removing a tree stump from your yard might not be a top priority, but it should be. Although the stump looks harmless, it can actually have a damaging effect on your lawn. If you have one or more tree stumps in your yard, here is what you need to know.  

What Harm Can a Tree Stump Cause?

One of the most obvious issues with a tree stump is that it can be a safety concern for you and others who walk or run in your yard. If the stump is low enough, it can be difficult to spot it and someone could trip over it. The fall could result in a serious injury. If a visitor to your home is the injured party, you could be forced to file a claim on your homeowner's insurance to pay for his or her medical bills.  

Another issue with tree stumps is that they can continue to grow. The stump's roots continue to grow beneath the earth. While growing, the stump is feeding off nutrients in the soil. In essence, the stump would be robbing the other greenery in your yard of the nutrients they need. If the other greenery is unable to receive nourishment, they could start to die.  

Tree stumps also bring bugs. If the stump is dead and no longer growing, the rotted wood could attract pests that could spread to other trees in your lawn. Worse yet, the bugs could find their way into your home and cause an infestation.  

Should You Remove the Stump Yourself?

Ideally, you should rely on a professional tree removal service to get rid of the stump. If you decide to take on the stump yourself, there are a couple of mistakes that could make the challenge more difficult.  

For instance, if you do not use the proper method of removing the stump, you could end up damaging your property. Depending on the method you do use, you could even cause damage to equipment that you were using in your attempt to remove the stump.  

In addition to this, you also have to remember to address the sunken area that is left once the stump is removed. If you neglect the area, the grass can start to grow there, but leave you with a uneven surface that will be difficult to mow. You have to be attentive to refilling the area until the ground is settled to avoid this. Visit a site, like http://smittystreeservice.net/, for more information.