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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Four Issues That Could Damage the Interior of Your Hot Tub

by Celina Simpson

A hot tub is a significant investment. Though hot tubs can bring you a lot of joy, they also require regular maintenance in order to remain comfortable and pleasant. Hot tubs are unique in many of their maintenance needs, due to the need to properly balance water, clean filters, and wash it. Here are a few mistakes that new hot tub owners may frequently make. 

1. Not Properly Balancing Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals need to be properly balanced in order to be effective. It isn't like cleaning something in your home, where you might add more cleaning solution if your task is dirtier. If you don't balance the cleaning chemicals and water softeners properly, it could become too acidic. When it's too acidic, it will start to etch away at the surface of the hot tub over time. 

2. Getting Sand and Dirt In the Hot Tub

There's a reason why public hot tubs often ask that you shower before you get in -- and it's not just about hygiene. Sand and other particles can easily scuff the bottom of a hot tub if allowed to settle. It also gets into the filters and clogs them, which prevents the water from properly circulating. To avoid this, you should both shower before getting in and take off your shoes just prior to getting into the tub.

3. Letting the Tub Stay Full

Ideally, your tub should be drained whenever it is not in use for more than a couple of days. Letting the tub stay full can create the same problem that not balancing the chemicals properly can. When the water is off balance, it can eventually damage the inner lining. Draining your hot tub also removes a lot of related safety issues, such as pets and children accidentally getting into the tub.

4. Covering It With a Clear Plastic

Over time, the sunlight can actually damage the interior of a hot tub. This is very similar to sunlight damaging and cracking the interior of a car. A hot tub should always be covered with a dark, opaque cover when not in use.

So what happens if the interior of your hot tub becomes damaged? It's important to contact a professional hot tub repair company like Kaupas Water. A damaged hot tub surface becomes a haven for bacteria because the surface is now porous rather than smooth. Without resurfacing, you'll find it more difficult to balance your hot tub's water, harder to keep the water clean, and potentially more uncomfortable.