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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

What It Takes To Create A Net Zero Energy Building

by Celina Simpson

A net zero energy home or building creates as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Both businesses and residential homeowners can benefit from construction that reaches as close to net zero as possible. Here's a few ways in which you can reach towards the goal of net zero energy.

It Begins at the Beginning

Contractors and others who would like to approach net zero energy need to include elements right there in the design process. Typically, the simpler the design of the structure, the easier it is for later contractors to implement net zero energy methods. For example, the design should account for more modern energy efficient appliances and solar energy systems.

Pay Close Attention to the Building's Envelope

Sealing the building or home properly will cut energy costs and make the building far more comfortable when it's complete. Achieving that tight fit to create a continuous air barrier means making sure you cover every possible point where air can escape.

The air barrier does more than keep the conditioned interiors separated from the unconditioned exteriors. It helps to control moisture content that comes with the air. It can also help keep areas neatly cut off from each other if fire or smoke invades one of them.

Don't Just Insulate: Superinsulate

Insulation plays an incredibly important role in net zero energy construction. Planning for the right amount of insulation is important, but you may want to go beyond even that. Superinsulation involves using more of the right type of insulation to support the air barrier.

Superinsulation can cover gaps in the air barrier and add extra control over the heat loss and gain from windows and doors. Superinsulation helps to reduce heating costs by a large margin. That reduction in the need for heating means the building will use less energy overall.

Plan to Make Use of the Sun

Building with the sun in mind can go a long way towards creating a net zero energy building. There are a number of ways to use it, and many of them are passive.

For example, building designs can take advantage of the sun by placing windows in positions to receive the most interior lighting and heat from it. In addition, there are various ways to use solar energy, especially if you plan ahead for including photovoltaic panels in the right places.

There's Other Methods as Well

Net zero energy buildings represent an ideal. Even if you only use a few suggestions, you can drastically change the overall energy efficiency of a new building. These ideas can work for retrofitting homes as well.

For example, just adding the extra insulation to a home can fill in gaps in the building envelope, and make the home more comfortable. Always look for ways you can cut costs while adding value by using the net zero energy platform as a guideline. For more information about insulation options, contact an insulation contractor, such as those at Alaska Quality Insulators Inc.