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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

4 Things You Didn't Think About When You Decided To Custom-Build A Home

by Celina Simpson

Making the decision to custom-build a home is both exciting and probably a bit nerve wracking. After all, you want to end up with the home of your dreams and ensure that you are not going to run into problems in the very near future after completion. This is why you want to consider all aspects of the design when deciding how you want your home to function once it's complete. Here are four things you probably haven't thought about yet:

  1. Wiring: It's always best to go overboard on the wiring in your home. Why is this? If you realize later that you want more wiring underneath the drywall, it's going to be much more expensive and more complicated as well. It's definitely better to do all the wiring before the drywall is put up. When talking with your home building contractor, be sure that you make this known since wiring is one of the cheapest labor costs before the drywall is put up. 
  2. Security Features: Don't overlook security features when building your home. Not only will this ensure that the wiring is customized to meet the security feature's needs, but it also is going to help make your home that much more functional when you move in. For example, you can install a security system that controls your garage door, the lights in your home, and the locks on your windows and doors all from an app on your smartphone. 
  3. The Small Details in the Bathroom: Another overlooked area is the bathroom because many people think they can add what they want here later rather than rack up the costs on home building right away. However, the small details in the bathroom don't cost much and are going to make a huge difference in functionality. So pay attention to the shower head you choose. It should be powerful enough with enough features for you to comfortably shower in your new home every day. You also want to consider storage for everything, such as extra towels, toilet paper, makeup, and more This is going to make a huge difference in how comfortable and settled you can get in your new home. 
  4. Landscaping: The final touch on your custom-built home should be the landscaping. After all, the first thing someone is going to see when they drive up to your newly built home is the landscaping. And since you will be so busy furnishing and getting used to your new home, it's best to incorporate low-maintenance landscaping. This would include the use of native plants and only a small amount of grass with the rest being mostly plants, rocks, and other low-maintenance landscape features. 

When you consider these four things beforehand, you can focus more closely on the bigger picture without having to worry that small details are not being addressed properly. 

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