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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

A Quick Guide To The Need For And Use Of Vinyl Siding On Your Manufactured Home

by Celina Simpson

Given that vinyl siding is known for improving the energy-efficiency of the homes on which it is used, it only makes sense that its existence is likely to be especially appreciated by owners of manufactured homes. It's often surprising to discover that vinyl siding improves the ability for the home to use less energy for the same tasks because it is a lightweight item that provides an extra layer of insulation to the exterior of the home. Therefore, if you're tired of high energy costs for your manufactured home that also results in a negative impact on the environment, it's a good idea to consider addressing that problem with the use of vinyl siding. 

Understanding The Concerns About Energy-Efficiency In Manufactured Homes

It is important to note that many of the manufactured homes, which might also be known as mobile homes and trailers, produced within the last few decades were not as energy-efficient in their unimproved status as some of the typical homes, which might also be known as a stick-built home, within the same time-frame. Some of the reasons for that issue include the construction of those units when they are compared to homes made of wood, brick, etc. 

For example, there have been many updates to the requirements and guidelines for energy-efficiency of the aforementioned typical homes built since 1994, while no updates to those same concerns had been mandated for manufactured homes until 2016. That means that people who purchased a mobile home in 2014 were experiencing the same technology for energy-efficiency that existed about 20 years, even though there had undoubtedly been many advances in that field during that time period. By extension, it's obvious that every responsible owner of a manufactured homes who's not ready to purchase a new home now is likely to benefit from the addition of vinyl siding to their existing unit, as explained below.      

Improving The Energy-efficiency Of Manufactured Homes With Vinyl Siding

Once you understand the possible issue with your home and its lack of energy-efficiency, it's easy to see that improving it is in your best interest, both environmentally and financially. Therefore, it is often helpful to remember that although vinyl siding can be a bit expensive, its impact is both ongoing and long-term. Specifically, it reduces the cooling and heating costs from the first day of use and new vinyl siding, when quality materials are used by qualified professionals, can be expected to last for years.  

In addition, it doesn't rot, flake, or need regular maintenance, so if you just want to enjoy reduced energy costs and not have to worry about the other aspects of it, vinyl siding is a good choice. Since vinyl siding is applied over the exterior of the home and it is possible to choose many designs for that siding, you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home while also improving its functionality.

In conclusion, manufactured homes are often associated with decreased energy efficiency and higher costs for cooling and heating homes. If you're a homeowner in that situation and are ready to experience long-term improvements for that home, the above information about vinyl siding will be quite useful. Check with companies like CJ Scotti Services for more information.