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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Spray Foam Insulation Inside Your Walls

by Celina Simpson

If your home's insulation has started to deteriorate, you may decide to replace it with spray foam insulation so you can have a better airtight seal for your home. However, if you decide to perform the task yourself, make sure you avoid the following mistakes before and during the installation process.

Neglecting to Properly Prepare Yourself or the Room

When spray foam is installed in your walls, the chemicals are pushed through a small hole. Because of this, you may think that the application process is fairly simple and safe since the process involves an enclosed area.

However, overspray can be an issue when installing spray foam insulation, especially if you are not professionally trained to use it. The foam expands and dries quickly, giving it the potential to create a huge mess if you get any on your carpet or furniture. Plus, the chemicals can irritate the skin, so you could end up with a serious rash if you are not covered and the overspray hits you.

Before you start installing the foam, make sure you have on protective eye wear, gloves, and long sleeves. Also, cover your floors and furniture with thick plastic that will catch any overspray.

Spraying Too Much Foam at One Time

Another mistake you may unintentionally make is spraying too much foam at one time. You may feel that the foam will expand away from the hole, filling it up as you spray in one continuous motion.

However, spraying too much foam at one time could spell disaster for two reasons. First, since the foam starts expanding as soon as the chemicals mix and hit the air, it will only go a few inches inside the wall. The excess will not be able to flow away from you, but rather towards you. Also, since it dries fast, you would be stuck with this situation.

Second, the chemical reaction from the foam causes it to heat up quickly. If you spray too much at one time, the heat caused by the reaction will break down the chemicals in the foam before they have time to fully cure. The foam would then become a gooey mess that does not fully cure, leaving large gaps in the insulation.

Avoiding the above mistakes while installing spray foam insulation inside your walls can help you ensure a safe, smooth application. However, if you do not want or feel that you are not able to do the job yourself, contact a contractor who specializes in spray foam insulation installation to have them inspect your walls and discuss the possibility of having them do the job for you.