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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

How To Add An Island To Your Kitchen

by Celina Simpson

If your kitchen needs just a little more space for storage, food preparation or seating, adding a kitchen island may be the right choice for you. A kitchen island can provide all of these things for you. If you have the extra space in the middle of your kitchen, this can be an easy addition. Read below for instructions on how to add a fixed or movable island to your kitchen.

Fixed Island

A fixed island is one that is attached to the floor of your kitchen. This type of island can have electric ran to it so you have an outlet nearby when preparing food. This type of island can be done in a few ways, but the easiest way is to use a set of lower cabinets (the dimensions will depend on how large you want your island to be). You can find cabinets at your local hardware store that you can use, or you can invest in custom cabinetry. 

Attach the cabinet to your floor using screws, screwed into the base of the cabinet. You can cover up the screws using a toe-kick around the front of the cabinet, and baseboards around the back and sides of the cabinet.

Using baseboards help to give the island more of a built-in look. You can also add trim work around the island to make it look a little more expensive and built-in, especially if you don't like the backing of the cabinet. Adding faux stone such as air-stone to the backside of the cabinet can also give the island a stylish look.

Top off your cabinet island with a countertop to match your other counters, or use something else such as stainless, butcher block or concrete for added texture.

Movable Island

A movable island is one that can be wheeled around, out of the way or wherever needed. This type of island is best used for food preparation or storage. A movable island can be created out of a drink cart or you can make one out of a small cabinet section. 

To create one from a cabinet, simply cut off the bottom of the cabinet (the toe kick area) and trim it so the base of the cabinet is the bottom. Attach caster wheels to the base, then paint or stain the cabinet any color you prefer. Add a countertop that is lightweight such as thin laminate, butcher block or stainless. Use this island to help make food prep easier, or for storing food prep items, or use it as a beverage cart when entertaining.

Adding a kitchen island to your home can be done as long as you have the space. Think about adding an island to your kitchen if you are in need of some extra space for seating, storage or food preparation. Have a professional kitchen remodeling company install an island in your kitchen for you.