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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Things To Avoid Doing To Your Plumbing System

by Celina Simpson

The plumbing system in your home will work for you as long as you do your part in taking care of it. Here, you'll find a short list of things that you should never do to your plumbing if you hope to keep it flowing as it should.

You Flushed What?!

Stop and think before you flush. Whether your home is tied to the city sewage or a septic system, the things that you flush down the toilet will have a big impact on how often you have trouble with the drain lines leading from your home.

Never flush feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, kitty litter and other generic items marketed as being flushable. Just because something is marketed as flushable doesn't mean that it will actually do well in your home's septic or sewer system. Stick with just human waste and toilet paper and you'll have fewer problems with the drain lines clogging.

Do Not DIY Repairs

Unless you really know what you're doing, you can make things significantly worse if you attempt to make repairs without professional help. Some small things may be doable without doing damage, but when you have a frozen pipe that bursts, a pipe that's leaking or a clog that won't break free, you're best to leave the repairs to a professional. This is because they'll not only fix the problem, they'll look for any underlying issues that may have caused or contributed to the issue.

Skip the Toilet Tank Drop-Ins

You know the drop in things that you're supposed to put in your toilet tank to keep the bowl clean? Well, those drop-ins contain a number of chemicals that will wreak a havoc on the working parts inside the tank. If you want a cleaner that works with every flush, choose one that hangs or sticks to the inside of the bowl – not inside the tank.

Use the Garbage Disposal Wisely

The garbage disposal can be another big contributor to problems with the drain lines in your home. Don't overfill the disposal and make sure to run water while it's operating. Run it long enough to grind up the food that you've dumped inside.

Don't dump coffee grinds, toss tea bags, and throw bones or other hard to grind items down the disposal. If you're unsure if it'll clog it up, don't put it in the disposal.

When plumbing troubles arise, talk with your local plumber for assistance. He or she will help you get things flowing again.