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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

4 Renovation Ideas To Give Your Nostalgic Airstream A Modern Makeover

by Celina Simpson

If you want to have a nostalgic camper trailer or caravan, an air stream is an excellent option. These also make for great restoration projects, so you can give the design of yours a modern touch. When finishing the interior of our Airstream, there are things to consider, such as modern mechanical installations, lightweight finishes, and other upgrades. The following ideas will help give your nostalgic Airstream a modern makeover.

1. Upgrading the Frame, Hitch, Tires, and Brakes for Comfortable Road Trips

To start with modern upgrades to your Airstream, you will want to first look at the frame and chassis. Make sure the frame is in good shape and repair it. In addition, upgrade the hitch and wiring harness for lights if you are towing a camper. You will also want to make sure that your Airstream has modern brakes for more control and stability. Lastly, consider having the undercarriage painted with a protective coating to prevent wear and corrosion of materials.

2. Adding Modern Mechanical Installations and Renewable Energy for Your Airstream

After you have completed improvements and upgrades to the frame and chassis, begin with improvements to mechanical installations. You will want to replace the potable water, greywater, and blackwater storage systems with modern upgrades. There are also options for renewable energy and resources, such as using solar energy instead of a gas generator and greywater recycling to flush the toilet.

3. Lighter Finishes That Give Your Airstream Modern Style and Reduce Fuel Consumption

One of the problems with older Airstreams is that they were built and finished with heavy materials. The polished metal on the exterior is going to stay, but you will want to consider options for lighter materials for the interior finishes. Taking the weight off with modern interior finishes will reduce fuel consumption when you travel with your Airstream.

4. Upgrading Lighting, Appliances and Interior Mechanical Installations of Your Airstream

In addition to the mechanical installations outside, consider upgrades for things like appliances, electrical wiring, and plumbing. You may want to add low-voltage USB plugs to charge modern electronic devices and update to more energy-efficient appliances. In addition, there are also options like adding skylights to brighten up the interior of your newly restored Airstream.

These are some tips that will help give your nostalgic Airstream a modern makeover. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact Airstream renovation companies like Innovative Spaces and talk to them about some of the features you want for your modern camper or caravan.