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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Recognize The Potentially Serious Roofing Damages

by Celina Simpson

Do you own a residential property? If so, it is important for you to realize the importance of roofing maintenance and inspections. Some homeowners neglect this important detail until their roofs have significant damages. This can result in high repair cost and damages to items in the interior of the home. Unfortunately, even if you get your roof inspected and perform regular maintenance, damages can still occur. This is why it is wise to understand signs that your roof needs to be repaired. For example, an intact roof could get damaged during a storm or if an overhanging tree branch falls on the roof. The following points will help you know what to watch out for.


The gutters on your home drain water away from the structure. You can routinely check them after rainstorms. If you notice granules, they are likely due to damaged shingles that need to be replaced. This is because damaged shingles cannot provide adequate protection against water intrusion, which can cause issues such as mold, algae growth, or water damage.

Brown Spots

These are a good indication that there is a water leak present. You should not wait until you actually see the precipitation leaking or dripping into your home. The spots are often seen on walls and ceilings. Leaks of this type can dangerous if they are ignored. The roof could cave in and injure a human or pets, for example. That is why the issue should be reported immediately and repairs made in a timely manner.

Peculiar Shingle Appearance

The common shingle issue that most homeowners may recognize is a missing shingle. This is not always possible from ground level though. Cracked shingles also pose a threat, but may only be able to be observed up close. Curled shingles on the edge of your home may be indicative of a ventilation issue within your attic.

A roofing contractor is a good resource to use if you suspect damages. They are also a good choice for repairs because there are safety risks involved in repairing a roof that many laypersons are typically not aware of. For example, navigating a roof untrained could result in a fall and cause serious injuries. Perhaps the time will come when you may suspect that your roof needs to be replaced. A contractor can inspect and determine whether repairs could extend the life of the roof, which would give you time to prepare for the expenses associated with a roof replacement.