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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

DIY Guide To Using Reclaimed Lumber For Home Renovations And Interior Decorations Around Your Home

by Celina Simpson

If you are looking for green ideas when doing renovations to your home, reclaimed building materials can be a great resource. Lumber from old buildings are materials that can be used for fun DIY projects, such as a rustic and artistic wall finish, creative shelving and other projects. The following guide will help you get started with DIY projects using reclaimed lumber materials: 

Rustic Exterior Details with Used Barn Wood For Siding, Trim, and Moldings  

To start with exterior details to accent your home, barn wood is a great choice for projects like adding rustic friezes around window openings. Reclaimed lumber can also be a great choice of materials for siding with a rustic appearance, which can be done on your entire home or only in isolated areas like a covered porch.  

Using Barn Wood Beams to Create Artistic Shelving with a Rustic Look 

Shelves are practical features for interior design that can be made of many different materials. Rustic beams from old barns can make interesting shelves for your home. You can also resource industrial materials to use as brackets to support your barn wood shelves to continue the green theme of repurposing materials in your home's interior design.  

Aged Barn Wood Materials to Create Attractive Rustic Flooring for Your Home  

Sometimes, you may want to have flooring in your home that has more personality and a unique custom style. This is something that can easily be done with reclaimed lumber, which will give your floors an aged finish the has unique characteristics, such as old-growth lumber that is not available commercially anymore or the distinctive markings of years of wear in an old barn or warehouse.  

Creating Attractive Accents to Add Details to Walls With Barn Wood Lumber  

Barnwood materials can also be used to add interesting finishes to walls inside your home. You may want to use the wood to create unique patterns and designs to finish the walls. It can even be used to create rustic frames around the pictures you hang on walls. Another project is to use the barn wood to create sliding barn doors for different spaces of your home.  

Doing projects with reclaimed lumber is rewarding and will give your home green features. If you are ready to start with a few fun DIY projects, contact a reclaimed lumber supplier, like Old World Lumber Company, to get barn wood materials to start your first project using reclaimed materials.