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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

4 Basement Waterproofing Repairs And Upgrades To Get Ready For Finishing Projects That Add Valuable Space

by Celina Simpson

Before you get ready to finish your basement, there are some improvements that need to be done to the waterproofing systems. There may also be repairs that need to be done to your foundation before upgrading the drainage and waterproofing systems. The following basement waterproofing repairs and upgrades will help get your home ready for finishing projects: 

Evaluating Landscaping Drainage and Watershed That Drains to The Foundation 

First, you will want to evaluate your landscaping drainage to make sure that it is not going to cause problems. It may be a good idea to improve your landscaping drainage with permanent pipes and grates to allow watershed to drain away from your home's foundation this is especially important if the area in your basement is going to be completely finished. 

Repairing Problems with Existing Exterior Foundation Drainage Systems That Can Cause Problems  

There may also problems with exterior foundation drainage systems, which may need to be repaired and upgraded. Sometimes you made need to clear a blockage from drainage tiles which are the pipes of the foundation drainage systems, or you may need to have a new drainage system completely installed to solve problems and prevent future failures that can cause damage to your newly finished basement.

Upgrading Exterior Waterproofing Systems, and Repairing Cracks and Other Damage to Foundation Walls  

There are also many problems with existing exterior waterproofing that you may need to deal with. In some cases, it is a good idea to upgrade the existing waterproofing with modern systems that help combat problems like static water pressure. These systems are membrane systems that have a textured surface that reduces pressure and prevents cracks in foundation walls that cause waterproofing to fail and leaks that cause water damage in your basement. 

Dealing with Interior Drainage Problems and Adding Waterproofing to Basement Interiors  

There are also problems with drainage that you may have to deal with. To ensure that your basement does not have problems with moisture and water due to condensation, it is a good idea to have an interior foundation drainage system installed when you remodel your basement. In addition, you may want to consider interior waterproofing systems to add to foundation walls, which will help prevent moisture from getting in. 

These are some tips that will help prepare your home for finishing projects with the right basement waterproofing repairs and upgrades. If you need help preparing your basement foundation before finishing and remodeling projects, contact a basement waterproofing service for help or with some of these solutions. Or speak with a professional waterproofing service like J.A. Kilby Enterprises Inc to learn more.