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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

Tips To Remove Snow From Your Roof

by Celina Simpson

Winter often brings with it the addition of snow and ice to many parts of your property, including your roof. If you want to avoid a situation where snow begins to pile up across your roof, you will need to hire professional roofers or a snow removal company to help you. Allowing too much snow to linger on your roof can eventually lead to issues including roof leaks. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are going to try and remove snow from your roof on your own.

Get the Blueprint or Know Where Different Sections of the Roof Are Located

Underneath very heavy snow, it might be difficult to know exactly where you are walking while you are up there. To avoid damage to the roof or a situation where you slip and fall, you need to be aware of where things like your skylights, your gutter, or your venting system are located. Map these areas off mentally in your mind so you can avoid a problematic situation as you progress in removing snow from the roof.

You May Be Able to Stay Off the Roof Entirely With the Right Equipment

While your first idea when it comes to winter snow removal is to just get up there with a shovel, walking around on the surface of the roof could be dangerous. In an ideal situation, you will have a spotter down below as you stand on a ladder or use a long roof rake to slowly begin to pull the snow down off your roof. Make sure the roof that you pull or push off is aimed towards an area of the ground that is clear. You don't want your spotter to look up and get a heavy face full of snow. Again, be mindful of the vents or gutters as you get near the actual surface of the roof. You don't want the roof rake or other equipment to catch on anything and cause damage or cause the person on the ladder to lose their balance.

Contact a Professional

Unless you frequently get a large amount of snow on your roof every year, you might not already own the equipment you need like a roof rake to do the job safely. That's why you should contact a local roofer who is used to working in winter roofing conditions. They'll be able to assume the risk for you and get your roof cleared in no time