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Learning About Modern Construction Practices

3 Ways You Know Your Chimney Needs A Professional To Restore It

by Celina Simpson

The chimney is one of the essential parts of the home's ventilation system. When properly installed and maintained, it will serve your fireplace for many years. Sadly, many homeowners rarely think about chimney maintenance. If you allow yours to run for years without checking its condition, it will develop problems that will keep getting worse. With time, your chimney could even cause structural damage to other parts of the home or cause a fire. You should contact a professional to regularly inspect your chimney for signs of damage so they can know the kind of restoration it needs.

Call a chimney restoration contractor once you identify the following deterioration signs.

The Presence of Water in the Fireplace

The crown of your chimney protrudes above the roof. The design makes it possible for your chimney to bring in fresh air from outside to improve combustion in the fireplace. It also takes out the smoke and other gases resulting from the combustion process. The crown design should withstand sunshine, snow, wind, and other harsh elements. 

But with time, however, it might get damaged and start leaking water into the fireplace. The presence of water in the fireplace is risky because it can lead to significant damage to your home. In this case, it's advisable to call in a professional to inspect the chimney, especially the crown, for signs of physical damage. If it's damaged, they will know the best way to repair and restore its function.

When the Chimney Has Odd Smells

The chimney may not always produce a fresh smell because of the wood that keeps burning in the fireplace. However, the excessive smell is also an indication that your chimney has problems. For example, a smoky smell on humid days signifies that your chimney has an excessive creosote buildup. Creosote is a sticky black substance that is very dangerous when you do not handle it properly. 

A damp and musty smell indicates that your chimney is leaking. The combination of water, smoke, and other gases inside the chimney can encourage mold growth, causing odors. However, a seasoned chimney restoration contractor will recommend the ideal way to deal with the damage depending on its type.

Your Fireplace Smokes When Used

The design of the fireplace is for the smoke to blow up the chimney and out. When smoke starts blowing back into the house, then the chimney has drafting problems. Drafting could be as a result of the chimney height or changes in the infrastructure close to your home.

No matter the problem or damage your chimney might have developed, professional contractors will assess the signs the chimney is exhibiting and decide the best form of restoration for it. They will ensure that your chimney serves you efficiently and for a long time.