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Hello, my name is Chris Rogers. Welcome to my website about modern construction practices. Through the decades, the process of erecting a large-scale building has changed in many ways. Construction professionals have much more access to helpful, purpose-built tools that get the job done faster than ever. Construction experts also utilize huge pieces of machinery to move dirt, place materials and perform other important actions on the job. I welcome you to visit my site daily to learn all you can about modern construction techniques. Once you have this knowledge by your side, you will have the opportunity to marvel at the cityscape sitting before you. Thanks.


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Learning About Modern Construction Practices


Two Reasons Water Is Flooding Your Basement

It's normal to have a little bit of condensation or water appear in your basement every once in awhile. However, if water puddles are consistently appearing in your basement or the area is outright flooding even when it's not raining, that typically means something serious has broken or gone wrong. Here are two things that may be causing water to flood into your basement. Poor Land Grading Before erecting the house, the construction team will typically grade the land to ensure the surface is level enough to support building structures and prevent environmental issues such as pooling water.

Looking For Cost Effective Ways To Update Your Home Before Selling? These Creative Interior Painting Tips Can Help

Taking time to thoroughly freshen and update a home's interior before listing it is an excellent strategy for attracting maximum buyer interest and receiving better purchase offers. But sellers often neglect to take this important step because of fears about incurring excessive bills from remodeling contractors who want to rip out walls, raise ceilings, or enlarge windows. Invasive improvements of this nature are likely to take a significant amount of time and money to complete, and there is no guarantee that the cost of doing them will be recouped when the home is sold.

Looking for New Windows? 3 Features That Will Save You Time, Money, and Frustration

When the time comes to replace your windows, you might have one thing on your mind: finding versions that look good on your house. However, if your time, money, and energy are worth anything to you, here are three great features you should look for.   1. Tilt-and-Swing Hinges If you have a home with a second story, you might find yourself choosing between windows that you can barely see through and a Saturday afternoon filled with ladders, buckets of cleaning solutions, and near-death experiences.

7 Reasons To Opt For An Aluminum Garage Door

If you are building a new garage or replacing your old garage door, you'll need to select the right material. While steel and wood are popular garage door materials, aluminum has become the new trend for modern homes. There are several good reasons for choosing an aluminum garage door. If you need convincing, consider the following: 1. Aluminum Garage Doors Are Among the Easiest to Install Steel and wood garage doors can be quite heavy, making the task of installation challenging, especially for a one person job.

Protecting Your New Restaurant From Fire Damage

If you have recently purchased a restaurant that you intend on running, then you should understand that the establishment may be at risk of starting on fire. Between the years of 2011 and 2013, there were over 5,000 restaurant fires in the United States. These fires caused over $100 million in damages. It is wise to implement fire control, prevention, and suppression strategies. Some of the following tips can help with this.

3 Simple, Safe, Non-Toxic Solutions To Clean Your Asphalt Driveway

From giving neighbors and passerby a great first impression to increasing your home's value, the benefits of proper curb appeal are easy to see. While you may mow your lawn and pressure wash your exterior siding periodically, placing emphasis on your driveway is also necessary for good curb appeal. Unfortunately, using harsh cleaning chemicals on your driveway and other exterior surfaces can damage the environment. Considering many common cleaning chemicals can run off into storm drains and eventually affect lakes, rivers, and oceans, using less toxic options for cleaning your driveway is smart.

How To Manage Water Flow To Protect Your Steep Roof

Did you know that the pitch of your roof makes a difference in what you have to do to protect your roof from water damage? Pitch refers to the angle of the roof. If your roof has a low pitch, that means it's not steep – the lower the pitch, the closer the roof is to being a flat roof. A high-pitched roof does have steep angles – it's pointed like a witch's hat.

5 Outdoor Uses For A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters can be a great indoor option if you do not have room for a large traditional water heater or you want a continuous flow of hot water. However, did you also know that they are great for outdoor use? Here are five reasons you might want an outdoor tankless water heater. Garden Shower or Bath Outdoor showers are becoming a popular choice in the United States, with several convenient uses such as providing you a space to clean off after a jog or relax on a hot summer evening.

Factors to Consider before Having a Sump Pump Installed

There are many benefits to installing a sump pump. The biggest benefit is that it helps to keep water out of your basement. This prevents flooding, deters mold from forming, and allows you to finish off your basement and gain more living space. However, there are many factors you need to consider before you either install a sump pump or have a professional complete the job for you. Educating yourself on the decisions you will face will help you make an informed choice as to which options are best for you and your home.

3 Tips To Prevent Mold Formation Following A Flood

If your home has recently suffered from flooding, it's understandable that you will be focused on making immediate repairs without thinking too much about the possible fallouts of flooding. However, this is a mistake and many homeowners fail to realize the potential mold problems that can be brought on by flooding. It is important that you take steps immediately following a flood to prevent the formation of mold within your home, as mold can be extremely damaging to your health if allowed to develop.

Can (And Should) You Rewire Your Mobile Home?

Whether you've recently purchased a vintage mobile home with aluminum wiring or non-grounded outlets or are dealing with electrical damage to your newer mobile home, you may be wondering whether it's worth the cost to have your home professionally rewired or to simply change a few outlets yourself. While the prospect of saving some cash on home repairs is usually a good one, amateur electrical work has a great deal of potential downside you'll need to consider when making your decision.

Plumbing Supplies: The Strengths Of 3 Different Common Plumbing Materials

When looking to remodel your home, particularly the kitchen or the bathroom, there's a good chance that you'll have to replace the plumbing of the water line. There are plenty of different plumbing materials that you can choose from, and the abundance of choices available can be rather overwhelming. The unique strengths of each material should be one of the many factors that you should take into account when making a decision.

Installing A New Lawn? Avoid These Two Topsoil Mistakes

By the time your home is finally built, you might already be daydreaming about replacing your barren yard with a layer of soft, green grass. Although you might assume that installing a lawn is as easy as ordering sod and making sure your grass gets enough water, soil preparation is just as important as sunlight and sprinkler systems. Here are two common topsoil mistakes that could damage your new lawn, and how to avoid these issues in the first place:

Remember The Futuristic Gadgets In 80s Movies? 3 That Are Available Now For Your Home

During the 80s, many movies based on the future featured cool gadgets that seemed completely out-of-reach with the technology available at the time. While you may not yet be able to walk into your local car dealership and purchase a flying car to help get you to work or your child's soccer practice more quickly, many of the gadgets your favorite characters used in their homes are now available and even better than imagined at the time.

2 Activities To Help You Be A Better Landlord To Your Tenants

When you are a property owner and landlord, there are certain responsibilities you should take care of for your tenants. To help you find and keep good tenants, it is important to provide a clean and safe property for your them to live in. Here are two activities that can help you be a good landlord. Change the Locks When a tenant moves out of your rental property, you should always change all the property's locks, including locks to any garage and tool shed.

2 Things That Construction Fencing Could Do For You

If you manage a construction zone, you might be more focused on completing your project than you are about the fence surrounding your site. However, ignoring that simple chain link barrier might mean a few missed opportunities. Here are two things that construction fence could do for you, and which products can help: 1: Advertise Your Project That empty chain link fence might keep pedestrians from wandering around your dangerous worksite, but will it might not keep people from shouting questions to workers who should be focused on their duties.

6 Reasons To Consider Using A Drip Irrigation System

Commonly used in commercial nurseries and in arid regions where water is scarce, homeowners all over the country are beginning to see the value of replacing their standard sprinkler systems with drip irrigation. If you've been seeking a viable alternative to watering by hand or using overhead sprinklers, you should consider installing drip irrigation on your property. Following are just six of the reasons why the average homeowner should strongly consider replacing their standard sprinkler system or hand-watering routine with drip irrigation.

Going Beyond The White Picket Fence-- Spice Up Your Yard With These Non-Traditional Colors

There is something special about a white picket fence. This classic piece of Americana will bring a friendly, traditional look to any home. However, that isn't the look that everyone is going for. If you are looking for something a little different, try one of these options instead. Natural Wood If you don't want to go too far off the beaten path, try going for the natural look. Finished wood is one way to go, as this will also maintain a "

Dealing With Acid Rain Stains On Windshields

When it comes to the windshields on your construction equipment, physical damage isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about. Water spots created by acid rain not only reduce visibility by significant amounts, but they can also cause long-term damage to windshields if left untreated. The following goes in-depth on how acid rain stains occur and the steps you can take to remove these stains from windshields and other windows on your construction equipment.

6 Problems That Warrant Sewer Repair or Replacement

Problems within your sewer can be a major issue for your home's upkeep. Within the world of expensive house repairs, sewer repair or replacement ranks among the most expensive and difficult tasks to perform. As such, it is is important to keep yourself abreast of how your sewer is operating. Below are 6 problems that warrant a sewer repair or replacement. Offset Pipes Offset pipes are a problem that can deeply effect your sewer system.

4 Things You Need To Know About Asbestos In Your Home

The natural fiber known as asbestos has been associated with serious health problems, ranging from permanent lung scarring to various cancers -- so what should you do when you find out that there may be asbestos in your home? Instead of moving away or wearing a hazmat suit around the house, arm yourself with helpful information so you can cope with the situation calmly, sensibly and effectively. Here are four bits of knowledge that will help.

An In-Depth Look At CD Stud Welding

If you need to install metal fasteners on-site, you might find it to be a bit of an uphill battle when using traditional techniques. Drilling and tapping requires a thicker base metal, plus it takes a long time to drill through the material. Inserts and through-bolts can work themselves loose and leave unsightly rust stains. Back welding the fastener in place also takes time and plenty of finishing to leave behind an acceptable appearance.

Create An Inexpensive, Safe Fuel For Your Wood Stove Using Recycled Paper

If you are looking for an inexpensive, safe fuel to burn in your wood stove, then recycled paper is ideal. You can easily create flammable wood stove "pies" from paper and an all-natural binder you can make yourself. Just follow the simple directions below: Supplies and materials you will need Five-gallon plastic buckets (quantity of 2) Gallon-size plastic milk jug Funnel Electric drill with 1/4-inch drill bit Newspaper and other appropriate waste paper White flour Sugar Water Paper shredder Saw Utility knife Cinder block Wax paper Long wooden dowel How to make your wood stove pie – step-by-step

2 Ways To Protect Your Windows From Extreme Weather

During a severe storm, you might be more concerned about staying indoors and keeping your children calm than you are about your windows. Unfortunately, once that weather passes, you might be left dealing with damage like cracked windowpanes or a floor littered with glass fragments. Fortunately, you might be able to fend off trouble by upgrading your windows ahead of time. Here are two ways to protect your windows from extreme weather, and why you won't regret these investments down the road:  

The 3 Hidden Benefits Of A Radiant Heating System

If you're in the market for a new heating system for your home, you have lots of choices. You could get a conventional forced-air HVAC system, or a gas, oil, or propane powered furnace. You could get a mini-split heating system that allows you to put different thermostats in different rooms, or you could splurge on an eco-friendly geothermal heating system. All of these systems can be beneficial in there own ways, but there's one that you may not have considered that has some surprising benefits for you and for your home.

Remodeling Your Master Bath? 4 Simple Solutions To Enhance The Size Of Your Master Bathroom

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of periodic updates for your investment. From replacing worn shingles and installing new windows, the various options are overwhelming. Considering a bathroom remodel offers up to a 62 percent return, it is a great investment. Of course, you may think your master bathroom is too small to increase value and appeal. However, using these simple solutions, you can remodel your small master bathroom into an attractive, valuable, and functional space.

4 Approaches For Giving Your Roof A "Facelift"

If your home fails to stand out among the rows of similar dwellings stacked along your street, you're probably interested in adding some aesthetic appeal and uniqueness to it. But while you're looking at paint swatches, vinyl siding samples, state-of-the-art shutters, and that perfect species of grass for the lawn -- don't forget to revitalize your roof! Here are four ways you can give your roof a much-needed "facelift." 1. Owning the Coolest Roof on the Block

Renting A Dumpster? 5 Must-Have Accessories To Make Dumpster Use Extremely Easy

Whether you're cleaning your home or completing construction projects, a dumpster rental is easy for disposing a lot of different items. Dumpster rentals can be dropped off at any location on your property and make it extremely easy to dispose of items. When using a dumpster, things can be made even easier by adding a few accessories. These items will help protect privacy, put less workload on your body, and prevent extra hassles.

Getting The Best Price On Your Heating Fuel - You Really Do Have Options

Nearly everyone knows that insulating their home and turning down the thermostat saves money on their heating bill. What you may not realize is there are a host of ways to save money on the cost of heating oil before it ever reaches your tank. If you are looking to save money on your heating costs, go ahead and take care of those leaky windows and doors, but don't overlook these potential savings when purchasing your oil.

2 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A New Furnace

After experiencing a cold home throughout the majority of the winter season, you've discovered the hard way that you need a new furnace. Your current furnace either didn't produce enough heat or developed several malfunctioning components over the past couple months. However, before you install your new furnace, you'll need to make a few preparations. Ensure that your new furnace operates safely and efficiently by performing or arranging for these two tasks:

Three New Commercial Roof Types That Are Gaining Popularity

If you own a commercial roof, you may be familiar with metal, rubber, EPDM or asphalt roofing materials. These materials have commonly been used on commercial roofs for the past 50 years. However, there are three newer products that are gaining in popularity. Learning about these products now will give you time to thoroughly research them so you can decide if one is ideal for your commercial building when it comes time to replace your roof.

2 Reasons Not To Do Your Own Masonry Repairs

If you are like most proactive homeowners, you might be more than willing to grab a few tools and try to fix your own problems. Unfortunately, not every job around the house is created equally, and if you don't choose your tasks wisely, you might end up in trouble later. Here are two reasons not to do your own masonry repairs, and why a professional is worth every penny.   

Protect Your Garden: 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Fence

You work hard on your garden all spring. From tilling the ground to planting seeds, many hours of love and labor have been poured into the ground to grow your own produce or flowers. Imagine how frustrated you'll be when you find a rabbit munching on your lettuce or a deer making a snack of your corn. It could easily happen to you if you don't have measures in place to protect your garden.

How To Identify And Avoid Plumbing Scams

Nothing can ruin a weekend more quickly than a clogged drain, a leaky pipe, or a backed-up sewer. Unfortunately, like many other areas in which the average person lacks expertise (and which can have serious consequences if tackled by a non-professional), drain cleaning services occasionally attract scam artists looking to make a quick buck at your expense. Read on to learn more about some red flags to watch for when hiring a drain cleaning specialist, as well as ways to ensure that you hire the best person for the job.

2 Ways To Protect Your Auto Glass This Winter

Although cold temperatures and softly falling snow provide an attractive landscape for your holiday festivities, the environment can be brutal on your auto glass. As you rush around town and scrape ice away from your parked car, you might be unintentionally damaging your windshield. Here are two ways to protect your auto glass this winter, so that you can avoid hassles and stay safe.     1: Get Those Rock Chips Repaired

Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Asphalt

Asphalt is everywhere. It's used to provide roofing materials, roadways, parking lots, airport runways and outdoor basketball courts. Even though nearly everyone uses asphalt daily in some way, most people don't know too much about it. Did you know that asphalt can be found in large quantities in several lakes? Here are a few other fun facts you probably don't know about asphalt. Asphalt Is the Oldest Engineering Material Asphalt has been used for thousands of years.

How To Fill And Seal An Asphalt Pothole

Managing and maintaining an asphalt parking lot or road can be difficult—especially when your asphalt surface is constantly used by thousands of heavy vehicles year after year. As vehicles drive over your asphalt surface and environmental issues chip away at your asphalt's sealant, cracks and potholes will form and make it difficult or even dangerous for vehicles to navigate your lot or road. To ensure that vehicles can drive over your asphalt surface without risking damage to their tires, fill and seal your potholes by following these steps.

4 Pruning Mistakes To Avoid

If you have trees, you should know that you need to prune them in order to keep them healthy and strong. When you are pruning there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid in order to prune your trees successfully. Removing Green Fronds While, at times, it may be easy to be deceived by an abundance of fronds and think that extreme pruning is necessary, most of the time patience is the key to success.

3 Ways To Improve Your Front Door For The Holidays

Your front door can leave a good or bad impression on your guests when they arrive at your house for the holidays. If your door needs some improvement, learn how to fix minor repair issues and give your door a makeover so it will be a welcoming sight for your holiday guests.   Squelch The Squeaks If your guests will wonder if they're entering a haunted house when they open your front door, it's time that you squelch the squeaks.